EcoTechno ISEF Ukraine

National stage of Regeneron ISEF competition

Eco-Tehno — Ukrainian competition of students of scientific creativity, is the national stage of international competition International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Ukrainian innovation potential in the world. In the competition can take part pupils of 9-11th grades, students of the vocational and technical schools  which not have reached age 20. The competition conducting each year in February.

All research presented at the competition must be held by the participator themselves or with supervisor (scientific expert, teacher). Each student is only allowed to enter one project.

Purpose: integration into the international educational space and demonstration of the latest scientific projects.

Main tasks:

  • identification and support of student youth gifted in various fields of science and technology;
  • development of engineering thought among young people;
  • popularization among young people of science as a profession;
  • popularization of academic research of young scientists.