Day: Kherson schoolchildren won the prize-winning places of the Intel-Techno contest

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Tenth of Chemical Technology Lyceum Mikhail Litovchenko invented ecological desalination of sea water using wave energy, and his same age Dasha Maltseva - new coatings for electrodes, enabling one hundred (!) Times cheaper cost of water from sea salt. Read more

Day: The unique invention of Ukrainian student got to the finals of the international competition

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The pupil of the eleventh class of Cherkasy, Leonid Olifer, created a unique invention - sedimentograf demo, which is able to replace some school supplies for laboratory work in physics and chemistry. The invention guy already appreciated at all-Ukrainian level - between 210 works, Leonid device has become one of the top three on the national stage of the international competition of scientific and technical work for students - Intel ISEF.Read more