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In the United States developed the first functioning “invisibility cloak”

So far, the cloak is able to hide from view only microscopic objects.The thickness of the final version of its matter is only 80 nanometers.A team of scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, have successfully created a real invisibility cloak, writes Cnet. Detailed results and progress of the work of researchers published in the journal Science.The resulting invention was the world’s first cloak, which is able to cover the three-dimensional objects “second skin” and hide them in the wavelength range of visible light.At the heart of the development of the principle of plasmon resonators, which performs the role of small nanoantenna gold. They are able to transform light into electron oscillations.Scientists have invented an electronic “cap of darkness”This, in turn, does not allow the incident light is scattered on the cloak, making the object invisible to the human eye and the camera lens photosensitive. The light thus converted into other forms of energy.Scientists make a person feel invisibleIt should be noted that by changing the polarization nanoanten cloak again becomes visible along with the object it covers.According to the publication, the scientists had to work with the objects of microscopic dimensions, as is still not arranged production nanoantenna enough to create a large number of prototype cloak.However, in the end, experimenters have succeeded in the most important – in the creation and testing of the technology.Previously, using light scattering paint a German scientist was partly carry out the reconstruction of invisibility .

Photo: Staffan Larsson

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