• Победители Национального онлайн этапа Эко-Техно Украина международного конкурса ISEF готовятся представить страну на всемирном виртуальном финале в США

    Киев, 27 апреля 2021 г. - Финалисты национального этапа международного конкурса научно-технического творчества учащихся ISEF(International Science & Engineering Fair) пока работают над своими проектами, чтобы достойно представить Украину на международной научной арене в рамках виртуального финала 16-21 маяв США.


    14-year-old girl Ekaterina Malkina from Mariupol took the second place in the world on the biology contest in Netherlands with her innovative work about plastic utilization. There are 200 students from the whole world that took part in the contest. But exactly the project of Ukrainian girl awaked jury’s and public’s interest the most.

    “We have made an opening. We have found brood material of different insects that can easily eat plastic – bottles, packs etc. This is our discovery and we will patent it soon. In Netherlands the vice-president of Dutch company, that specialized in plastic production, came quickly to us and offered a collaboration. They are interested in such utilization there”, - told us Ekaterina Malkina.

    The preparation for international contest was more than six months for Katya. In the meantime she carried out investigations and learned a big sum of insects and brood materials. Next stage – to embody her project in the total production. Unfortunately, in Ukraine an utilization of plastics isn’t popular, that’s why the girl with her biology teacher Vyacheslav Ponomarchuk will find foreign investors.

    We remind you, that similar technology is developed in Stanford University now. In the USA for this people spend millions, and the student from Ukraine made it almost alone.